Win32:Evo-gen is a malicious software that once it is executed has the capability of replicating itself and infect other files and programs. These type of malware, called Viruses, can steal hard disk space and memory that slows down or completely halts your PC. It can also corrupt or delete data, erase your hard drive, steal personal information, hijack your screen and spam your contacts to spread itself to other users. Usually, a Virus is received as an attachment on an email or instant message. Win32:Evo-gen carries out damaging actions on the affected computer. It captures certain information entered or saved by the user, with the corresponding threat to privacy. It causes the loss of information stored on the computer, either specific files or data in general. It affects the productivity of the computer, the network to which it’s connected or other remote sites. It carries out actions that decrease the security level of the computer. It does not spread automatically using its own means.

This threat can collect information about your PC and send it to a malicious hacker. The malicious hacker can then tell the worm to do a number of things, including downloading and installing other malware onto your PC. It spreads through removable storage devices, such as floppy disks or USB flash drives, by pretending to be one of your own files that you have put on there.

Win32:Evo-gen has the ability to infect removable media devices. Infection starts either with manual execution of the infected file or by invoking the corresponding .LNK files that could cause automatic execution of the worm. After infection it may also download other malware or updates to itself directed by the command and control server. This virus contacts a remote server using a HTTP POST command. It sends the following information about your PC to the server. Once it receives information about your PC, the remote server replies to the worm with instructions on what to do next. It allows backdoor access and control of user computer by a remote attacker.