Win32/Adware.ConvertAd is not a virus or malware that could pose harm to computers or the data of their owners. However, its name has already got a negative label in various security forums. The most important reason why people are calling this toolbar ‘virus’ is that it is spread in a bundle with freeware and shareware, and sometimes it seems that it appeared on the system using the same way as viruses do. However, today we can assure you thatWin32/Adware.ConvertAd is safe and harmless. Its downsides are its distribution method and annoying activity, which relies on commercial pop-up notifications, redirects to affiliate websites, slowdowns and similar activity.


We don’t recommend ignoring that because you may be tricked into visiting a really suspicious website, which is used for spreading adwares, browser hijackers and other PUPs. In addition, just like other adwares, this program may start tracking you and your activity on the Internet. It may collect your search terms, mostly visited websites, data that you enter on each of these websites and similar things. While such information is not considered ‘personally identifiable’ you should be very careful with that. In order to avoid Win32/Adware.ConvertAd and its pop-up ads, redirects, tracking and similar activities, you should pay more attention to freeware’s installation. However, you can get rid of its commercial pop-up ads only by removing this application from the system.

We categorized is as potentially unwanted software due to is resistance to removal. The plugin is persistent in remaining on your system. Although you cannot see it, it is very possible that Win32/Adware.ConvertAd will slow down your Internet browser, as most of the users have complained about it. Another thing is that users often download and install Win32/Adware.ConvertAd themselves without realizing it. It happens, because this browser plugin is frequently bundled with other freeware applications available for download online. If a user goes through an installation process negligently, then he might miss a notification that prompts him or her about the impending Win32/Adware.ConvertAd installation. It’s not malicious but it can definitely be called unfair. In order to prevent Win32/Adware.ConvertAd infiltration, you should choose only Custom or Advanced installation method when downloading freeware from the web. If it gets inside, it automatically installs its add-on to Google Chrome, IE and Mozilla Firefox browsers, and starts offering its services. According to users, this program returns trustworthy search results.

Win32/Adware.ConvertAd can be easily installed on computer from such sites as cnet, soft32 and similar. These sites are harmless, so you can trust them without any hesitations. However, this toolbar can also come on your PC bundled with other programs. This distribution method is very popular among such programs as toolbars, search engines and similar applications.