Trojan.KillProc is a generic detection for a suspicious file that may disable security-related programs. It typically ends various predetermined processes, closes windows of security-related products, modifies registry entries, or uses other methods in order to disable such programs. The main thing that this Trojan does is disabled your computer security programs. For example, it can kill the Windows Security notifications, allowing various infections to spread in your system undetected.


Thus Trojan.KillProc basically prepares your computer for other infections, and makes it vulnerable. So if you notice that your computer is acting strange and slower than usual, be sure to perform a full system scan with a reliable security product. You might find Trojan.KillProc damaging your system, and once you do, remove Trojan.KillProce immediately. You can use the said security product to remove the Trojan automatically, or follow the instructions and terminate it manually, if you have enough knowledge how to do that.