Tool.NetFilter is a portmanteau of risk and software to describe software whose installation and execution presents a possible but not definite risk for the computer. Relatively normal programs can often fall into the category of riskware as some applications can be modified for another purpose and used against the computer user or owner. Tool.NetFilter is categorized as a trojan virus which invokes various malicious traits on the infected computer. Once it is installed, this trojan infection will make chaos on your computer rapidly. Tool.NetFilter has the ability to connect with remote IRC server and even give a remote hacker access to the infected computer, leaving stored files and privacy exposed. Tool.NetFilter may overlap several times in the host computer and when host computer is used with certain devices, especially when using a USB or e-mail, it is very likely that the virus moves into the USB port as well as via e-mail to the mailbox of the recipient. Then it disguises itself so that most antivirus software won’t be able to recognize it.