PUA.Agent is a type of adware program infection. When you get PUA.Agent pop-ups on your computer, you may inadvertently install an unwanted program on your computer and malicious extensions in your web browser which effects IE, Chrome as well as Firefox. These program are designed to help you save everything you make a purchase online. With PUA.Agent, available compared deals are shown to you right as you browse in forms of text box.

PUA.Agent installs itself on a computer bundled with other freeware without any permission or consent. The unwilling installation may lead to privacy issues, unwanted software installation and malware infections. This and other unwanted browser add-ons are distributed using free software downloads. To avoid installation of these potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), always download software from legitimate source such as the publisher’s web site, not through a download portal that is advertised.

PUA.Agent is an ad-supported program, after gets installed on your computer, you will see seeing in-text, pop-up, banner and coupon ads when you browsing online. This adware can be downloaded and installed via its official website, but it is often promoted via free downloads, especially video player and download manager program. It is not malicious related, but due to their stealthy behavior such as installing itself automatically on your web browser without obvious notification, people rank in low acceptance of this software. PUA.Agent is not safe either. Technically speaking, it is classified as unwanted application, namely adware.