If you have noticed a suspicious toolbar added to your Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers, you should definitely make sure that it is not called JS/Toolbar.Crossrider. We are concerned about this browser plugin not without a reason. As the research has shown, JS/Toolbar.Crossrider is not very reliable even though it seems completely decent and even useful. The browser plugin itself is developed by Visicom Media Inc. and it might appear on your browsers even if you do not download it yourself. The main reason why it is so is the fact that JS/Toolbar.Crossrider tends to come bundled with other applications. Thus, careless installation of software might result in the presence of this toolbar. You should better delete it from the system, especially if it has appeared on your computer without your permission. Do not worry if you do not know how to get rid of this software because we are here to help you delete JS/Toolbar.Crossrider.


There is a huge possibility that your homepage will be changed after the installation of JS/Toolbar.Crossrider. In addition, you might also notice that your search engine has been set to Yahoo!. Some computer users do not mind keeping the new homepage because it looks completely decent. Unfortunately, we do not think that JS/Toolbar.Crossrider or the homepage that it promotes can be fully trusted, which is why we recommend that you carefully think whether you really want to keep it. The researchers of pcthreat.com have found out that you might see ads on your homepage, which means that you might click on them and be taken to unreliable websites.

It seems that JS/Toolbar.Crossrider can be easily downloaded from its official website; however, computer users have noticed that this suspicious software might slither onto the computer without their permission as well. According to our specialists, there is a huge possibility that JS/Toolbar.Crossrider travels bundled with such applications as MyPC Backu , ZombieAlert, and PriceMeter. Thus, it is possible that the aforementioned programs have entered your system together with JS/Toolbar.Crossrider. We recommend that you delete them as soon as possible because they might act in an undesirable way as well.

We believe that there is no point in keeping programs that make various changes without user’s permission; thus, we suggest that you delete JS/Toolbar.Crossrider as soon as possible. There are more reliable applications out there, so you should not keep this browser plugin just because it allows you to access Facebook, YouTube, and other places on the web. In order to help you get rid of JS/Toolbar.Crossrider entirely, we have prepared the manual removal instructions for you. Feel free to use them, but do not forget to scan the system with an antimalware tool as well.