The Adware.Agent.PSO malware is a web browser addon that displays advertisements in your web browser. The malware/adware will display all different kind of advertisements in your browser. These advertisements are often based on keywords found in the content of the underlying website your are visiting. These ads can be very annoying as advertisements are promoted by implanting an ad-block in the middle off the page or slide-in ads from the bottom or right side in your browser. Clicking in the middle of the page will trigger a pop-up window, redirecting your browser to unwanted advertisements or social engineering scams as Flash Player, Browser or Media Player upgrades. These upgrades contain more adware, and installing them might cause a high-risk of privacy or identity theft.

This adware is promoted as a tool that enhances search results. It presents other tools like quick access to relevant image, video and so on. Adware.Agent.PSO gets installed on the computer through third-party apps coming from various sources such as pay-per-install programs or download portals. Programs where this adware is packed is similarly hosted on various reputable websites, thus you must take extra caution when installing freeware or shareware. Once inside computer, Adware.Agent.PSO adware alters settings on the browser which will lower your overall security. It drops add-ons and extensions that may result in the manipulation of search results.