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Does it seem like your computer is suddenly acting strange or slower than usual? Perhaps it closes tabs on its own, or shuts off for no reason. Or maybe you can't place it, it just seems "odd".

It sounds like your computer may be infected with malware.

Malware is any kind of bad program that tries to infiltrate computers with the intention of causing damage or loss. Sometimes malware comes in the form of spyware that sits silently deep inside your PC, collecting information about your browsing habits and other information like key strokes. Malware can also manifest itself as adware and browser hijackers which are intended to direct users to malicious websites. Then there are potentially unwanted programs or PUPs for short which are programs that may not be entirely malicious but display malware-like behaviors which can put your PC at risk.

At Virus Removal Help, we have seen it all and we want to help you beat whatever malware it is that comes your way.

We have a vast resource section dedicated to arming you with the knowledge you need to remove dangerous programs. If you have any questions feel free to contact us!



If you have noticed a suspicious toolbar added to your Firefox or Internet Explorer, you should definitely make sure that it is not called . We are concerned about this browser plugin not without a reason. As the research has shown, is not very reliable even though it seems completely decent and even useful. The browser plugin itself is developed by Visicom Media Inc. and it might appear on your…


Trojan.KillProc is a generic detection for a suspicious file that may disable security-related programs. It typically ends various predetermined processes, closes windows of security-related products, modifies registry entries, or uses other methods in order to disable such programs. The main thing that this Trojan does is disabled your computer security programs. For example, it can kill the Windows Security notifications, allowing various infections to spread in your system undetected. Thus…

PUA ‘AnyProtect’

PUA ‘AnyProtect’

AnyProtect (also known as AnyProtect Backup) offers such feature as an opportunity to store and backup your data in an online storing place. Although that sounds like a great feature, you should think twice before installing this program on your computer. Don’t be surprised if AnyProtect program may appear on your system right after you install an unfamiliar freeware. It has been reported that this application may travel bundled with various freewares. Furthermore,…


Adware.Casino is a harmfull adware. Adware.Casino will generate popup and pop-under adverts, advertising malicious websites and rogue antispyware applications. Adware.Casino need to removed timely to prevent your system slow down. page_title] is a deceptive malware program and browser addon that causes numerous problems and is known to get onto your computer without permission. Once installed this adware observes browsing data and generate pop-up ads within Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and…


This class of detection flags games and is intended for the corporate environment where games are distractions. A generic detection routine designed to detect common family characteristics shared in several variants. This special detection routine was developed in order to detect unknown variants and will be enhanced continuously.



PUA.Windows.DoubleExtension is a ClamAV detection where a virus file has two extension names designed to trick a user to running it. Many people have learned that text files (.TXT) and image files (.GIF, .JPG, etc.) are safe to launch because they are data and not executable software. They have learned to be leery of .EXE, .VBS and other extensions that are executed immediately. Thus, virus writers try to trick more people…


is a malicious software that once it is executed has the capability of replicating itself and infect other files and programs. These type of malware, called Viruses, can steal hard disk space and memory that slows down or completely halts your PC. It can also corrupt or delete data, erase your hard drive, steal personal information, hijack your screen and spam your contacts to spread itself to other users. Usually,…


Virus.VBS/Autorun.worm is a worm that spreads by copying itself to local hard drives, network drives, and removable drives. It has no other functionality. The first file is the worm’s Visual Basic Script file. The autorun.inf file causes the __.vbs file to be executed when an infected drive is accessed with a computer that has autorun enabled on the drive in question. The batch file can make the registry changes by…



OpenCandy is an advertising software module consisting of a Microsoft Windows library that can be incorporated in a Windows Installer. When a user installs an application that has the OpenCandy library, there is an option to install software that it recommends (based on a scan of the user’s system and geolocation). All offers can be opted out during the install process. is bundled within many custom installers from download sites…


is a polymorphic virus that will infect executable files in order to spread itself on computers and network environment. Upon installation, this virus will establish a network connection so that remote attacker may gain control on the infected computer. can also steal sensitive data such as user name, password, and relevant information. hides its presence from anti-virus application and may open a backdoor that allows a remote attacker to achieve…